Realities Of Parenting

Let’s get real about parenting for a second. The world shows us a very different picture than is true. It’s like growing up you have Leave It To Beaver with the perfect family and the perfect mom and dad and for some people that’s how they thought parenting should go. Well for me it was more seeing people I know for a few hours and wondering where I went wrong. However I am starting to realize two things there are no perfect parents or kids. Secondly is that we all lose our cool and it’s okay. Somedays are just plain hard and there is no sugar coating the day you have had and it’s okay to put the kids in their room/rooms and take a moment to do something to get your frustration out. As a person with anxiety and sometimes depression it can be easy to just have enough and get that little thought that says I am not good enough and I am failing. However I remind myself that God gave me these kids so apparently he knows I am what they need even when I don’t feel like I am. So remember moms we aren’t perfect but we are just what our kids need.


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