Labels in Life

Life is full of labels and most of the time they are like little name tags that we wear around that we are aware of and sometimes not so much. I think its easy to label someone based on what they do for a living or what they drive or wear. I think everyone labels people whether they want to or not. We see someone in  a nice car and say they must be doing good but its not always the case. I have found in my life that I post happy things on social media or show the nice things I have to keep me away from remembering the sad or hard stuff going on. Especially when the baby wasn’t doing to well but praise the Lord she is fine now. However I know people think that people who go on vacations or have nice things mean they are having the best time but I have been working on praying for those people because there are two side to every coin. So please before you label someone as losing or winning the life game think about life as a coin where they could be doing both at the same time.




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