Playing through this season of wait

My kids have no clue what is going on we have made sure that things go as smoothly as possible. However my oldest just learned of sickness so she thinks everyone is sick. Since we got the news about the youngest we have let our kids play more so we can worry less. They have friends that they play so well together and we have just been having fun being a typical country family. Most days I can forget that we are waiting for results in a week that we will find out what our next step is because well when you see the face of a kid playing and trying and when  the symptoms she has due to her liver are usually only once a day than its hard to remember the battle her body is fighting. Its sad knowing that she was growing like any other baby and then she wasn’t. I thought she was a great weight but that wasn’t the case. She is super tiny and its okay. She is the last baby and so she gets to be the size of a baby a little longer. However she is very smart and very happy all the time. She has been teething for the last few months with no tears or symptoms. Its hard to forget on the bad days that this is all going on but on the good days its a happy time full of joy and amazement. So while we can we are letting our kids be kids and are letting them play through this season because only God knows what next week brings and I don’t want to hinder him in working a miracle or make blessings out of this situation that we weren’t expecting or prepared for.




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