Smiling in the wait

As a family we have had our fair share of ups and downs and we have always handled them the same; We keep going and don’t stop life. Yesterday we celebrated Ariana’s second birthday it was tons of fun and she was all laughs. Its that laugh and smile that keeps me going. I am so happy to know that no matter what is going on internally that she finds the time to smile. All I could think of for the last week was how my kid was stronger than both of us at the time of all of this. She looked for me to be strong and I was trying to and failed but she was able to be a big girl and take it all in stride. When we went to get her blood work done on Wednesday she cried for a few minutes then curled in on me and then went to talking to the nurses. That’s when I saw more than just a stubborn kid that’s when I saw that she is kind and she is caring. The whole time we were at the hospital waiting room she would say hi to everyone who passed by. Then yesterday at her party she was all smiles and she even learned a few new words. This got me thinking if she is this happy how can she be so sick. As a family we are trying to keep her as happy as we can. We spoil her give her a few more cuddles and we do what we can to make life run more smoothly. The awful side effects of her enlarged liver luckily stayed away until after the party and so she got to have hours of fun before we went back to watching how much water she drinks and everything else that comes with this awful issue. However seeing my baby grow up and show more strength in all this makes me happy and curious how all this will end. 1ba9545249522f57ca6c08dbb655c4cc


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