Waiting Sucks

Why is it in life doctors think its okay to make parents wait? I mean they have all the results they know more than we do and they don’t tell us more than the cliff notes of said results. I go in with my two year old for a check up and get told that her liver is enlarged and that her liver levels are high. I don’t want to know medical jargon I want to know the dumbed down version. I want to know what is wrong with my happy full of life child. I want to know why she is having to go back for a followup but most of all I am wondering why I am having to wait on all of the answers instead of planning her birthday. Hasn’t she been through enough? So as I sit here waiting I feel for all other moms who have or are in the same boat as me because not knowing sucks but so does having to be the strength for everyone. I can’t cry in front of the little ones so when I want to cry I have to hold it together till nap time. Sad part of all this is while I was supposed to be planning a cute birthday party for the baby that makes my life interesting I can’t because of my worry and stress. So praise the lord for family because thanks to them I am not alone planning a party and thanks to them my princess gets to be a princess for a day no matter what we find out next month this month she is a princess. 730582d17270e5954c3133e88874d6ae


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