Expectations in the world

Today’s word was expectation and that was just like wow that is pretty much what my posts are mainly about so I wanted to write about what that means to me. I think once you graduate from high school and even before people start to have expectations for you. Its rather sad that it happens but it does. For me it started in middle school. I made very good grades I had honor roll almost from middle school on to high school and so when I would get one C my mom would ground me and make me feel horrible. However that wasn’t what was the hardest that would be when my dad made a comment that I think he meant as a joke but I of course being young took it to heart. He told me that if I kept my grades up that I would have to apply at Harvard. Well of course I took him seriously and for a long time I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. Well I went to college for Criminal Justice and took a few law classes and even worked at a law firm but later decided it wasn’t for me. So I dropped out of college which of course wasn’t my parents expectation for my life. After that I became a mom and then realized that the only person who expects things out of you then is yourself and as I know all to well you become your worst critic. I would see how others were doing something and then say “Why am I not doing that?”.  I later realized that life is full of expectations but that none of us are perfect and sometimes we will meant expectations but sometimes we won’t and that is okay.


via Daily Prompt: Expectation


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