Unplanned Complications

Life is full of complications and ways that things can not go according to plan. Especially when you become a parent and work as well. I try to keep a schedule of posting every week but last week that didn’t happen and this week well its only Monday and I feel like I am running on fumes already so we will see. The thing is that even when schedules change there is still a way to be okay. I didn’t post last week because well life happened. Both my kids got sick with different things and well they needed me and how can I give motivation to others when well my kids needed my motivational talks. They needed to know that they aren’t failing because they backtracked and weren’t able to do things that they should be able to do at their ages. My oldest is very hard on herself and always has been. She is my perfectionist so she has trouble with change and backtracking. She is also very independent she loves to take care of problems herself without asking for help so last week was  a nightmare for her because going alone wasn’t an option. I spent most days reminding her what I needed to remind myself its okay to not be perfect its okay to backtrack and not do everything according to plan. My youngest is what I wish I could be she is the calm one out of us she goes with the flow and so she is the balance in out crazy unbalanced house. I guess in summary what I am saying is that its okay to have complications because it is what makes us human and adaptable. cope_win


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