Trying New Things

I have actually done something that would scare most people with anxiety I have done new things. This week I decided instead of doing the easy things like I am used to doing I decided why not leave my comfort zone and actually cook new things. Okay before you go wow its nothing too gigantic I just cooked basic things that I have never done before. My lovely three year old woke up yesterday and asked for an egg. She loves to eat boiled eggs or scrambled eggs for breakfast but there was just one issue I am not the one who cooks those things for my kids and the reason being I have never done it before. Having anxiety has made me never want to learn how to cook these simple things for my kids. Yesterday I decided to put my fears aside and try to boil an egg and to my surprise it didn’t go horrible. My kids ate the two I made them apiece and then begged for more. Then today I decided to scramble up some eggs for them and again it didn’t go horrible. I think taking baby steps to get out of my comfort zone may be what it takes to get the old me back. I mean I don’t really have many friends due to being a stay at home mom and I just like to be a recluse at work because I don’t like to mix the two things. So maybe if I can get out of my comfort zone a bit more maybe I can open up to other people and try to fix what few friendships I have. The reason I say fix them is mainly because I am the friend who never calls or texts people when I say I will because I am always afraid of how it will turn out. I hate awkward silences or having to come up with small talk so it kind of makes calling people not an option for me. I love to text and most of my family understand that. Its easier to text someone and then leave it there and let the ball be in someone else’s court so that I don’t have to worry if someone doesn’t respond because I had started the conversation.

“Sometimes quiet people really do have a lot to say … they’re just being careful about who they open up to.” Susan Gale


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