Personality Changes

I took a personality quiz yesterday and was very surprised by something I found. When I was in school from the time I was in elementary school to college I had always had the same personality in all my quizzes I took in school I was an ENFJ that was me I was the happy outgoing kid who always was quick to make friends and I brightened up a room and made every one around me happy. Then about the last little bit of my first semester in college I had a really bad time with a friend (he flirted with me and led me on and then he told me he was just being friendly). After that I changed I didn’t open up easily and if I was outgoing it was only to protect myself from getting hurt. Then I finally changed completely and finally decided you know its okay to not pretend to be an extrovert when I am more introverted. I am an introvert because I no longer feel okay with being the center of attention or being able to put myself out there in front of a crowd. I also have social anxiety which has made me more introverted it gets hard sometimes I don’t like to talk on the phone or order food or do anything where I have to talk. Sad thing is I work at a job where talking is what I do for a living and I have to put on my mask of being extremely extroverted when that is not who I am. I hate talking to others because I am horribly critical of myself. I always am afraid of getting hurt or not coming off smart enough or I am afraid that my accent will be too hard to understand. It has been hard to be married and have kids when I always have a panic attack when I have to call someone or go meet other people. I hope that someday I will feel more comfortable with myself and get out of my shell/cage that I live in. I would love to be my overly excited and outgoing self again because she was happy and thinks to anxiety I am not anymore. If anyone reads this and would like to hear my story about how my anxiety started leave a comment.



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