Living in Filters

For someone brought up before the tech age I had no clue what filters were when taking pictures or any of that but then I started to see what it meant and it made me think of life and how many time we make our life look like those filters. Where we try to hide the hard, the rough parts, the raw true parts of ourselves. In life I have seen so many hurt people put on those filters and show a person who has it all together all the time and then only crumbles when they are alone. I have been there myself I put a brave smile on and keep trucking on but I can tell you this there comes a time when every person just can’t put a filter on their life. There comes a time where even when you try to be strong its the end of your rope and your filter crumbles. That is what my week has been like; No matter how hard I was fighting I just had reached my breaking point. I couldn’t fake a smile and I had to ask for help in the form of asking my manager at work for a day off so I could rest and breathe because that’s the thing we are all human and we weren’t meant to live our lives in filters all the time we were meant to be raw and we were meant to need others. Especially in motherhood you can’t do it alone and when you try it wears you down and sometimes you need to just go to someone and simply ask and for them its going to be like a simple question but for you its like holding your hands out for a life raft when the boat is sinking. I had a customer remind me of my number one message on this blog that I have forgotten you have to be able to take care of yourself before you can take care of your kids. So don’t be afraid to ask for help if its just a day off work or if you can afford it hire a babysitter while you go get a coffee or go eat without screaming children. I actually did that on my day off it was a blessing to get to sit down without the babies that I love but needed to space myself from so I could be the mom  I need to be for the babies who look up to me to be their strength. via Daily Prompt: Filter



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