Parenting Differently

I believe that everyone parents differently because we are all different. Some parent wake up early and can get everything done. Also there are the parents who are amazing at home schooling and always have plans for the whole day. I am neither of those I am the parent who wakes up early and then get lost on the internet till about 9 in the morning and with home schooling (3 year old) I just do good getting her to watch an educational video. The main thing that gets to me is when people attack parents for letting our kids be who they want to be. Forced gender roles are an example of this. I have talked about this a lot on tumblr but when you raise a girl who loves trucks and having family get on to me for letting her that was when I had reached my boiling point. Kids are all different we shouldn’t force our kids to decide who they are going to be at the age of 3 or even older. Let kids be kids if your child want to play with cars or if you have  a boy who wants to play dress up it’s okay.  Parenting should be different because our kids are. drseusswhyfitin


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