Lavender Bath salts


In my last blog I talked about ways I relax and taking time for ones self so I decided to talk about the homemade bath salts I use. I have a special jar that I put mine in where my husband before we got married made a jar of all my favorite scents and then wrote all the reasons he loves me. First thing you will need is a jar I use one from a craft store. Then you want to feel it up with Epson salt and take whatever essential oil you want I always use lavender because it’s my favorite and use as many drops as needed to make it where you like the smell (I use five or six). Then if you would like you can add food coloring to color it to a nice shade. You can also do this in tiers. Just put a little salt in put essential oil and keep doing that and add colors for tiers. That is how mine started but then once the layers was gone I started using lavender. I hope this helps and remember you time is essential and needed.


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