Depression in parenting

Now days it’s not uncommon to hear people talk about depression. However I was watching a video and he said that he finds people faking happiness a lot more now than before. That got me thinking how many people fake happiness instead of saying that I am having a down day or week. I know for me I have faced this a lot having anxiety constantly makes me feel like I am not normal and it makes me feel depressed. I have a lot of down days where I was hoping to draw or write but then I just don’t feel like it anymore. The ways I handle this are I try to find quotes to make me feel better or take some me time where I take a shower or bath and take the time to do my hair and makeup and just put a movie on for the girls. These are the days where I know I need to be better for them but I just can’t at the time. I find that also just trying to just try to make time everyday for myself really does help. I watch some video of something that makes me happy before the girls wake up with a bagel and some coffee. Just remember that there is a little person needing you to be the best you can at that day. You don’t have to be the happiest just do the best you can. Praise the small steps. Sometimes just getting our of bed is a small miracle so praise that one step out of bed all the way to the coffee pot.  I hope that whatever you are going through that you will be able to smile again soon.




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